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Recommended set

The value of Kamakura-bori tableware is reaffirmed when used in combination.

​ The longer you use it, the warmer and gentler the lacquer ware will exude.


Reason why recommend Kamakura-bori

It is not accurate to think that Kamakura-bori is a sculpture. It is a work of art that was uniquely developed in Japan from the carved lacquer that was handed down from the Song dynasty in Chaina 800 years ago. Not only is the craftsmanship alive in carving, but it is also a work of art that integrates the world-class Japanese painting technique of lacquering. Even if the carving is missing or the lacquer is missing, it cannot be called Kamakura-bori. In addition, a unique technique is applied to the polishing. You can see it by watching the video.

The work has warmth and gentleness. Attracted by the charm of this Kamakura-bori, I wanted to deliver it to people all over the world, so I asked the Kamakura-bori Cooperative to approve the EC mail order and got the license to sell.

From January 2022, we started global EC mail order to France, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan.


​実物をご覧になりたい方はご連絡ください。サンプルをお届けします。If you want to look the Sample, please ask to us.

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