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Kamakurabori Carving with japanese urushi painted tablewares


Kamakura-bori lacquered tableware-

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​ EC mail order site for Kamakura-bori tableware.

Kamakura-bori, which boasts a history of 800 years, has a majestic carving on its tableware, and Japanese traditional lacquer "Urushi" is applied on it.

Our company has been officially granted the sales right by "Kamakurabori Engraving Cooperative" (November 1, 2021).

We carry out international EC mail order in Japanese, English and French.

Coupons are attached to the products for sale depending on the time of year. You can pay by credit card.

We will send it by domestic courier service to all over Japan and international courier service to France, United Kingdom and the United States.

Our company is located in Sakuragicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, and is developing an AR, EC, cooperation system. In the planning department, we are working on the application of cutting-edge technology.

EC mail order is based in Yokohama (we do not have a physical store).

No sales points will be added for EC transactions. Instead, we will give you a coupon of 3% of the purchase price.

Please use it. Currently, we are issuing coupons that are valid until March 2022. The code is "OPEN21" . An input screen will appear when you place an order, so enter the code.

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